AI and ML

Frodoe is a trusted technology partner that can help build efficient, automated, and highly accurate systems using modern AI technology.

What We Do

Predictive and Recommendation Systems
Predictive and Recommendation Systems

Automate the decision-making routine and forecast events with probabilistic analysis, and user personalization

Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing

Advanced texts, speech, and cognitive analytics. Structured and unstructured data. Chatbots

Computer Vision
Computer Vision

Visual classification of object nature, image recognition, and real-time video processing

Data Mining and Analytics<
Data Mining and Analytics

Advanced data analytics, clustering, pattern detection, statistical analysis, and data visualization

Why Work with Us

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science project methodology is significantly different from traditional research for software delivery projects.

It requires companies to:

  • Develop new data science and AI skills (such as NLP, computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, etc.)
  • Build new infrastructure for big data and model deployment (often cloud based)
  • Adopt new culture of collaboration between the business and data scientists

Frodoe can help to bootstrap AI capabilities, or fill data and analytics gaps for companies that do not have the expertise internally or do not want to hire new talent until the benefits of AI are proven.

Frodoe focuses not only on research, but also on delivering end-to-end solutions starting with solution design and ending with deployment of ML-model and integration into the existing or newly developed client environment.

Our Approach

  • Business Understanding

  • Data Acquisition & Understanding

    • Building data pipeline
    • Setting up environment
    • Data wrangling, exploration & cleansing
  • Modeling

    • Feature engineering
    • Model training
    • Model evaluation
  • Deployment

    • Scoring
    • Performance
    • Monitoring
    • Support

Cloud Services

As a critical enabler of business agility, cost efficiency, and rapid innovation, cloud hastransformed the way companies deploy technology to deliver value to their customers. Whether your cloud transformation is well underway, or you have yet to get started, Frodoe is your trusted technology partner that will guide and support you in your cloud journey.

Frodoe has hundreds of certified cloud experts and maintains active partnerships with all major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Using our vendor-agnostic approach and deep technical expertise, we will help you design and implement a cloud strategy to achieve critical outcomes for your business.


Frodoe's Cloud Services:

  • Assessment and Planning

  • Migration

  • Application Modernization (Re-engineering)

  • Cloud-native Development


Our Offerings

Frodoe helps companies to critically examine the value of blockchain to their business, and ensures business and technical success of distributed ledger projects.

Consulting on DLT approaches
Consulting on DLT approaches & analysis of goals and objectives

Advising on technology options and current technical landscape.

Blockchain workshops
Blockchain workshops

Bringing clients' ideas to life by organizing workshops to intensively experiment with available blockchain technologies and tools.

Building new products and services
Building new products and services

From ideation and prototyping to MVP and finished products.

Distributed and decentralized applications
Distributed and decentralized applications

Building trusted trading solutions and distributed applications through comprehensive analysis and proven development methodologies and frameworks.

Integration services
Integration services

Solutions for seamless integration of blockchain products into existing business processes. Integration with enterprise applications and platforms ranging from cloud technologies and KYC/AML providers to exchanges.

Modernizing and re-engineering legacy systems
Modernizing and re-engineering legacy systems

Re-engineering legacy systems for efficiency gains, increased speed, and better outcomes. Ensuring painless transition, minimizing business disruption, and reducing risk.

Blockchain Across Industries

Our cross-industry expertise allows us to deliver high-quality blockchain solutions in complex and independent enterprise environments.

  • Insurance

    Improve underwriting accuracy, reduce administrative costs, streamline operations, and prevent fraud.

  • Financial Services

    Simplify complex intermediary functions in the industry.

  • Retail and Logistics

    Bring trust, simplicity, and transparency to processes.

  • Travel and Hospitality

    Make the transportation environment safe and secure, speed-up transactions, and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

    Improve quality of care and eliminate costly administrative inefficiencies.

Data, BI and Analytics

Capturing data and harnessing its benefits places a new level of demands on businesses' data and analytics capabilities. Frodoe helps clients outperform competitors by building modern data analytics architectures, by helping to evolve an insight-driven organization through data management and Agile BI systems and practices, and by enabling AI, machine learning and data science.

Data, BI and Analytics

Our Solutions and Services

  • Building Modern Data Analytics Architectures

  • Enabling an Insights-driven Organization

  • Enabling AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science



The highest performing IT companies are characterized by:

  • Multiple daily on-demand deployments
  • Lead time for changes (code commit to production) and MTTR less than 1 hour
  • Change failure rate 0-15% (5x less than low performers)
  • Degree of automation:
    • 65% of testing
    • 70% or more for configuration management and deployment
  • Spending 21% less time on unplanned work / rework and 44% more time on new work than low performers

Slow and inefficient software deployment processes cost the financial services industry $1.5 billion annually (Greenwich Associates)

DevOps Technology

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery Tools

  • Automated Testing

  • Infrastructure Management

Make Insights-driven Decisions With Integrated IoT Solutions

Customers aren't just more connected to their devices, they are more connected to everything around them.

As ownership is moving to membership, we help clients make customer experiences more personal through our Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions backed by Big Data Analytics, AI, and ML.