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Balance benefits of data collection with privacy protection


Adhere to "Data Sovereignty" laws of countries you collect data from


Data-driven Customer Delight:
Insightful interpretation of consumer data is the key to customer delight


Context-Driven Sales:
The kind of marketing data that needs to be served is determined by when and where that data is consumed


Ask and You Shall Get
When someone subscribes to a service, registers with a website or buys something online for the first time, a form usually needs to be filled out


Websites, Cookies & Beacons:
Cookies and web beacons enable companies to track visitors' browsing histories – even as they exit the company's site and venture off around the web.

  • Personalization
  • Personalize Content for Visitors to Your Website

    How do you personalize data for individual visitors?
    • Capture all data - including data from social media channels
    • Segment the captured data
    • Use Predictive Modeling to forecast trends
    • Run it on a pilot basis and correct it to increase accuracy
    • Roll it live